2020 Dongsha Lake “Venture?Investment” annual list announced, N5Capital won two honors丨N5·Awards



Recently, the 2020 Dongsha Lake Venture Capital Carnival was held in Suzhou. The conference solemnly announced the 2020 Dongsha Lake Venture Capital Annual List. N5 Capital won the “M&A Market Best Institution of the Year” and was awarded along with a number of portfolios two honors in the “Special Award for Fighting the Pandemic”.


The annual list of Dongsha Lake “Venture?Investment” has been launched in 2014 and is selected once a year. It aims to gain insight into industry development opportunities and capital layout through the list, and jointly grasp the trend of China’s venture capital. The data for the list comes from the daily operation data provided by the settled institutions of Dongsha Lake Fund Town, the authoritative data of the Fund of Funds and the collected questionnaire data. Through a scientific, quantifiable method and a fair and just attitude, the growth of the invested company Enterprise awards and institutional awards are selected objectively from the perspective of investment institution activity to exit status.




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